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If you are unfamiliar with electrical panels, wires, outlets, and other electrical operations, you should not attempt to make electrical repairs.

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While some home repairs, such as replacing a broken faucet, can be performed by the homeowner, electrical repairs require the services of an electrician. Attempting to tamper with your home’s electrical system jeopardises your safety. We excel at household electrical repair and replacement of electrical panels, right down to changing a light bulb, as local electrical contractors. We are completely certified, insured, and licensed electricians who feel that code is the bare minimum!

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Up-to-date electrical wiring in your home is not only necessary for convenience, but it also plays an important part in the safety of you and your family. Inherently, older electrical systems are less efficient. Your energy consumption can be greatly decreased following a whole-house rewiring. You might be surprised at how simple it is to charge your devices directly from a USB socket or to manage the brightness using dimmer controls! These modifications may not appear to be a priority, yet they can drastically alter the atmosphere and convenience of your home. Safety and simplicity are just around the corner!

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Panel And Breaker Services

When your breaker trips, it signifies that there was too much power going through the circuit, and the breaker tripped to protect the circuit from overheating. Tripping hazards are never fun, and they’re especially irritating when they occur in a frequently used area of your home, such as the kitchen. Panel upgrades must be considered throughout every big house remodel or addition. This includes adding anything that requires a lot of power, such as an electric car charging station or an entertainment centre. Before calling a house inspector, you should have the electrical panel evaluated by a professional electrician in any home sale process. 

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Eletric Meter Services

Upgrading your electric metre and increasing your service capacity from 100 amps to 200 amps are two ways to keep your home’s electrical system from becoming overloaded. Major electrical renovations should never be attempted without the supervision of a certified electrician, and the expert electricians at our firm are delighted to assist. We have professionals who can guide you through the code requirements for your town, for installations of all types of service equipment.

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Surge Protection

A power surge is a high-level power spike that is sent via your home’s electrical system. Power surges can be caused by problems with utility power after and during power outages, lightning strikes, and faulty electrical components in your home. Surge protectors can be installed by us. The standard surge protector used in most houses is a plug-in strip that protects certain devices against power surges.

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Electrical Repairs

When an electrical repair is required and your house and family are in danger, our staff understands that time is of the essence. A licensed technician will complete your repairs swiftly and properly. We arrive in business trucks fully loaded with the necessary tools to complete the task that day and alleviate all of your concerns.

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The lighting in a room sets the tone for the area, and changing the light features in a room is a terrific method to modify the ambiance and environment. We can install residential lights for any form of lighting you can imagine.

Electrical Installation

Vinci Home Services specialise in integrating new electrical installations into existing systems in our clients’ homes. Our qualified professionals will speak with you on your specific project’s objectives and needs. Following an in-home visit, your Arnold Electrical professional will immediately assess your current system.

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