How Does a Shower Head Work

How Does a Shower Head Work

Okay, so I bought a new shower head right. Hey everyone how’s it going I’m acing over Ian. This is the easy, no breeze show um. Let me wait a second. You see this thing right here. This thing right here is my old busted up man.

This thing is disgusting yeah. This is one of the first things you bought when you moved out with all you know, we need a bed, we need eating utensils, we need a showerhead, we didn’t have much money back then, so we bought pretty much the cheapest one.

You can find at Walmart. Maybe this is the one you have at home now. This thing was okay for a while, but as you keep using it eventually Gunks up or whatever it is, that happens in these things, I’m not sure the water started coming out.

All like you know like it’s supposed to come out. Like you see, I don’t understand, because gravity does most of the work when it comes to these things right that pumps, the water in – and it comes out here and it’s supposed to like the deal you have with the showerhead – is turn it on.

The water comes down here. This thing, this thing, water, it’s coming out, crazy, like it was just like there’s one random jet going this way. One brendham just going this way and you kind of have to be like you know what I mean like it’s it’s it’s difficult to have a shower this, because this is the cheapest option that this is like.

The only thing cheaper than this would be to not have anything just a hole on the wall and in the water like a dripper, and I think that would still be better than this thing, because this is like I’m not sure again.

I can’t exactly speak for the quality of this thing when it’s new because it was a long time ago, but as of the last couple of months, it’s like just sputtering like like it’s just awful. Oh, it’s funny because you don’t you don’t think about these things, but I am a taxpaying citizen.

I deserve at least the dignity of a decent shower, so I’m like it. Let’S go and buy an actual decent showerhead and the thing I don’t understand. Why am i stuff involved? Is that the thing I don’t understand is why are these things so expensive? Because, basically, this thing is like a rubber tube and a showerhead shaped piece of molded plastic with holes in them.

So really it just has to have holes for the water to come out of. That’S that’s all. It is and then we’re looking we’re browsing at Walmart and I’m looking hey. This is the I see that the old one, the old one we had was there.

They had that then. I turned this thing on because if I didn’t turn this microphone on I’m in position, so they had the one we bought, which was, I think it was like $ 25. We didn’t have much money back then so there’s some like super high-end she’s, like $ 200 showerheads and they’re like it, looks like a transformer.

It’S amazing. It looks at at least it probably feels amazing too, but the thing is I was, I don’t know. I don’t know what, with the water pressure we get here in the apartment would even filled that whole thing like this.

Alright, for all, I know it’s not a Groupon with the showerhead. It’S just the water pressure here, sucks so much so that’s where you get the sputtering like you know, spitting water at us, so I was debating which one I wanted to take.

There was the super high-skill one, the ones that look like the ones you find in a hotel, but I didn’t know if, like I’m gonna plug it in here, it’s not even gonna work that well and then I started to think.

How long is it actually gonna take me to install this thing, because when we bought this, it took me forever to install it, and I literally mean forever in that I actually never did install it. I had to wait for a buddy of mine to be in my house and be like hey.

Can you actually put this thing in for me because I don’t know how to I don’t know if I need any special tools, I have to shut off some main thing. If I have to call the city and say hey, I’m exchanging this year for this new one – I don’t know I didn’t know and there’s nothing more emasculating than having a friend of yours show up to your house to do some housework.

I and that’s after this thing inside the package, you still months after I bought it, because I just you know what remember that sitcom married with children and then there was a running gag, that Al Bundy the main character.

Wouldn’T they needed some kind of home improvement in the house and Peggy his wife would say: oh, why don’t you just pay for somebody to do it he’s like? Oh, no I’ll do it myself, any other he’d take forever to do it and never do it and then they’d have to end up.

Finally, getting somebody or he’d: do it and get all up. So I thought you know whatever happens tonight with the showerhead is gonna fall within that spectrum either I’m gonna install it two years from now or I’m going to somehow demolish the apartment.

Trying to put this thing on because I have awful luck with just about anything anything that depends on the handiwork. So as I’m picking them out, I started really asking myself like it doesn’t really matter how much money you spend like.

There’S a $ 50 one. There’S a $ 200 one: is it 200 all one really four times as good as the $ 50 one, because there’s got to be a limit on how good these things can get based on how much you’re paying there’s gonna be like a diminishing returns thing Kind of kicking in right is the most expensive one.

Really, the one that’s gonna be the best showerhead. How long is it gonna take me to install this? I’M gonna have to ask a buddy or my super to come and install this here. Am I gonna all up by trying to install it? Is it gonna be better as it gonna be the same thing? Is it the water pressure to blame while you’re getting the little the sputtering thing, this butter reaction, you, you know the one? What is a shower head? Who am I anyway I bought the shower head and I’ll? Have you know I actually managed in stock for the first time ever we came home with something that’s supposed to go on someplace in the house, and the wife said.

Is he please put this up and I actually did instead of waiting till like whenever the next super boy is, I actually did it last night. I actually put it up. It’S great. The water works great. Let’S see how long it takes before it gets the that that level, but I’m so happy with myself that I wanted to share that story.

I actually went out there’s something that’s wrong in the house. I actually went out bought it and I installed it without breaking anything and it actually worked. This is a first for me. There was a time like when I was taking the old one to put it in the new one.

I was thinking like wait, a second. How how do these things actually work? Because when you turn on the faucet right, it takes a while for the water to finally come out. You have to you know, turn on the faucet, and then you have to do like it’s like you’re cracking a safe.

It’S like 30 degrees to the left, then 30 degrees to the right and then just a little bit and readjust simple thing, because otherwise it’s like either the water is freezing or it’s at the same temperature as the surface of the Sun.

So I’m thinking how exactly because, if if I, if I take this out right, is all the water pooled right there at the little thing there it’s just gonna squirt me in the face. Do I have to turn something off and then take this off and I was I got it, but it actually it actually work.

There was one of the few things in my life where I actually Oh get a situation and it didn’t explode in my face. Sometimes, even when I’m very careful things go sideways, so that’s a win for me anyway.

I actually got ta go clean. The bathroom before my wife comes home. Leave in the comment down below any bad experiences. They had you’ve, nothing I with shower heads shower heads. I never want to say the word shower head again in my life anyway.

That’S all the time I have for today, I’m Izzy, and I’m done it’s still dripping. I should have actually drain this thing. I should probably wash my hands

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