How to Clean Glass Shower Doors With Dryer Sheets

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors With Dryer Sheets

Hi guys its Kuna and Anne and Dave from get Gomez homes and today we’re talking about spring cleaning and if you have a home office like we do, you know that he can get trashed pretty quickly. Now I hate cleaning, but I don’t really mind so that took about four minutes of Dave’s time, he’s very organized and so now on to the shower for our next tip, hi, here’s our very favorite spring cleaning, tip okay.

You know how you hate it when your your shower doors get all goopy and they have all the the water stains on them. Look at this. This is your life saver right here. Do this a couple times a month and your shower will be good forever.

Make sure the shower is wet and you just wipe it down. You’Ll see all these water stains will come off. Then you wipe it down with a washcloth and get it wet and it kind of creates a film on there so that the water doesn’t get so yucky all over it and you will have a clean shower for the rest of the year.

Okay, so it wasn’t that fun and it hardly took any time at all. It was super easy makes. You feel better working, you feel more productive in a nice clean office and it makes your house look that much better too yeah, so until next month clean that shower, let us know how it works and we’ll talk to you soon.

What’S going on guys, I’m bill and walking to build here are two today, I’m going to show you guys the absolute best cleaning hack you’re ever gonna come across, and that is to do the shell of screens believe it or not.

This one here is a shower screen, looks absolutely filthy, a whole bunch of soap, scum and whatever else has built up over the years, it looked exactly like the bottom section, all the way up to the top and I’m gonna show you guys the absolute best Way to clean this without scrubbing whatsoever.

Now, if you went out to the store, you probably find ten twenty thirty different products that claim they can get rid of all this mess to be hundred percent honest most of them don’t work very well and if they do they’re either harsh chemicals or you can Have to put in a little lot of elbow grease, so I’m going to show you guys the absolute best way to clean this here off.

What we’re going to do first is just give it a quick spray with some cleaning vinegar now. The reason why I use cleaning vinegar, there’s actually two reasons: number one: it’ll kill off most of the germs and bacteria or whatever else he’s been growing on here and number two I’ll show you guys in a second.

So we’ll just give this one here, a quick spray, nothing special make sure we’ve got that noise and wet. Then I’m going to take my secret weapon I’ll jump in the shower cubicle, so you guys can have a better view.

So it’s absolutely filthy have a look at that. You can’t see through the glass I’ll show you guys on. The other side is horrendous, so my secret weapon is a utility blade, the best little tool ever just a simple little blade open this one here up with one hand, so that’s all of these guys just a little razor blade or a utility blade whatever it is.

That you guys want to call it very, very easy and straightforward now what we do with this I’ll, just try and hold this, and do it at the same time, what we’re going to do, take the blade and you’re just going to simply scrape that off.

That’S why I like to soak this with a bit of cleaning vinegar. The last thing I want is for all of this flaky stuff to start going up in the air and breathing it in. So all we’re going to use is just the utility north and just scrape that all the way down you can see just how dirty that is.

We get to build up right straight off the window or the screen, and it goes straight onto the plate. So you can see they’re instantly clean without having to scrub whatsoever. Show you guys a quick demo.

It’S all I do is just like just run around like that. You can see how it wants to flake off and that’s why I try and soak it with a bit of vinegar just to prevent her from kind of floating around in the air and we’ll just keep that nice and wet.

So this is the absolute best way. I’Ve ever come across and I’m sure you guys haven’t even seen anything like this comes up a hundred percent perfect, like brand new. So that is the easiest way to clean, shower screen, guys a little utility knife or a blade.

That’S all you need. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed the video. This is by far believe me. I’Ve tried so many different chemicals out there and to be honest, most of them don’t work very well whatsoever.

Little blade and we’ve got that perfect, so we can see from the outside as well. You’Ll find that most of all this build up here is probably about 99 % of it on the inside of the shower screen. So if you look on the outside, you can see there that comes up 100 % perfect.

Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed the video guys, as always like comment and subscribe until next time. I’M bill thanks for watching bills are too

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