How to Fix a Stripped Shower Knob

How to Fix a Stripped Shower Knob

Okay, well, every once in a while, you run into this problem here. I’Ve got a diverter, that’s discolored on the handle I wanted to replace it problem is the screw is stripped off inside here now, if you already know your brand this one’s at nipkow Phoenix.

So I know this will work for this particular brand. I feel what I have is a new extension and a new handle, which is what I wanted to replace. And so what I’m going to do is break that extension off and then I should be able to replace the extension and the handle the other way to do.

This would be to drill the screw tap the screw. But you know again, you one didn’t even replace the extension anyway, so this one I’m just going to break it off like so should broke the thing-thing off.

You know I try to get the screw out there earlier. There was no happen place that sleeve no big deal. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the extension off with a deal here but again same thing, because I don’t care about too much off the murder and replace it.

It’S easy and, of course, it’s a good time to change out the diverter and replace it with a new one. I have a video on that, so you can check that out. Okay, so here’s our new extension and it can be pretty tight, so I may have to kind of tap it on a little bit I’ll just use my screwdriver like a billy club in theory, there’s Theory, okay and I may need to use the extension cover itself.

Tighten it on. We use that to push make sure the burger times. I need you turn it off, I’m going to get it tightened down a little tonight a little bit and I’m trying you to come back and replace that diverter I’ll do that later.

But you get the idea now how you could replace the middle extension if you needed to so I’ll, come back and replace that diverter with a new one, just showing you that yeah here on how you can replace a strip screwed handle on this particular type of Diverter or faucet this works also for the faucet carpet.

If you had one of those doing the same thing, that’s how you can replace yep kind of replace back to heard about. Oh

Hello, so my delta monitor series shower appears to be stripped. I’M gonna see what we can do to investigate this and get the parts that we need all right, sue this cap piece just pops right off, yeah, that’s pretty easy! That comes right off now.

You’Ve got a screw a Phillips screw here and then the two on the back plate that’ll have to come off so before we take the back play it off because we may not need to it looks like I can see already why it’s stripped, you might be Able to tell here as well you see the the very front end of those teeth are ground down.

Let’S see if it’s true on the bottom as well yeah, it appears. So if I inspect the inside of the it’s a bit of a bit of kind of corrosion there, but I don’t see why the teeth would be gnashed. Let me have a closer look all right.

It’S reinvestigate. I took this sleeve off and be careful there’s a rubber gasket inside that you don’t want to lose. I took the sleeve off and then I was able to work the handle on more securely all the way to the back, and it looks like it’s sitting on top of the teeth now correctly.

In fact, I could probably push it on a bit further, but inspecting the fit back here it looks like I could. I could even work it on a bit better, maybe with a kind of a hammer and a soft block or something to keep from damaging it.

But maybe with the right amount of pressure and force I can I can get it to sit perfectly on top of those teeth and they’re nothing, it’s going to work, because actually I can see that it’s it’s operating the shower correctly when I turn it so this Was a matter of the last time I repaired this? I changed out the component on the inside and apparently I didn’t slip this handle on all the way.

Apparently I just grabbed the very front and edge of the teeth and I was able to reassemble it, not knowing that I was going to cause damage to those teeth, but there’s lots of teeth left to grip on here, so I don’t see any to replace it.

Yet so I’m going to reassemble it and then we’ll see what it looks like. Okay, I’ve got the sleeve back on and in fact it’s pretty clear that the sleeve is impeding it slightly from slipping all the way along, because you can see now, I’m able I’m not able to grab quite as much of those teeth as I was before.

But it’s still it’s still operable and I’m still only about it looks like three sixteenths of an inch that I’m offset there. So it’s going to work just fine and if there was more of a problem I guess I could maybe get out a a saw.

Metal saw and cut off the end of that sleeve if I needed to, but I’m going to avoid that surgery in this case, because it looks like it’s not necessary all right, I’ve got it back. Assembled temperature control is operable borders on the door.

Wait a minute make sure that hot water is hot and it is getting warm and hot turn this back down the cold. It’S a bit tight yeah! Maybe I did the screw a bit too too much and there’s the cold okay. Well, that’s a cheap fix.

We’Ll see how long it lasts, but I think I’m in good shape in there now that I’ve got a nice solid fit on this fixture and I’d like to ask you to press the button to subscribe. If this was at all helpful because YouTube will only support my channel, if I can raise the number of subscribers that I have thank you very much.

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