How to Get Hair Out of a Shower Drain

How to Get Hair Out of a Shower Drain

Hi Blair Gilbert here from mr. calm and Gobert SPRO our shores here 10 o’clock shower drain, as we want to put a little drain cleaner in here, probably two or three doses. In order to get this train moving.

Now I want to show you one thing: real, quick in this highly technical drawing of a bathtub. You see a drain underneath the drain, it’s a trap and then there’s a lateral that runs over to the staff. This lateral can be six foot long.

What happens is this lateral is clogged 80 % full, yet the drain is still draining nice and when it finally is clogged, this isn’t a clean pipe with a clog. This is a cause, this types of mess, so what happens is when we pour drain cleaner in here 8 to 10 ounces of our drain.

Cleaner, hang out in the trap. We want to chase it. So when you put in the drain cleaner, we hit it with a glass to warm the cold water and we push the drain cleaner out of the trap and force it down the lateral we’ll.

Do it two times two doses of diluted drain cleaner down here: leave it land in that drain line for 10-15 minutes, and that is the ticket to getting a shower moving. You need to know that that trap is probably not clogged.

The clog is in the lateral. So here’s what we do we take the 10-minute hair clog remover great product just happens to be the right kind of caustics that help dissolve hair in the crumb that holds the hair together.

That’S making this drain bad. So what I do is I don’t measure this. I want to pour somewhere between a six and a quarter, this jug down the drain, so we take their time get in there. That’S a good quarter.

Now, here’s my glass warm water. So what you do is you stay away from the drain and pour it and never have your face over the drain when you pour in the chaser. So what that just did that took my drain cleaner, that was laying in here and I just forced it down the lateral we’re going to do this two sometimes three times when it’s been, this bathtub has been ignored for too long and it’s hard to get over.

But a couple bows to this and you won’t believe it this product, slides off our shelves over and over and people don’t buy at once. Never buy people use this all the time they miss doing the two doses they mess chasing it with the glass warm water and, as always, don’t look over the hole when you’re pouring drain cleaner water in a drain hole.

If there’s always a chance of good flesh, you just don’t want your face in harm’s way, cautionary tip from mr. hardware and mr. Hardware. Calm. You

Hi, my name is Justin, and today I’m going to show you how to unclog your bathtub drain. So you’re gonna need a standard, Phillips, head, screwdriver and you’re gonna take your tub stopper and either this top will screw off or you can unscrew the whole thing, but some tub stoppers have a set screw underneath here and so you’re gonna have to Find that set screw with your finger and try to locate it and give it a couple, turns counterclockwise while pulling up and then this stopper will come right off, see.

There’S the set screw, don’t lose that so we’ll set that aside and then, if you look in here this is why the bathtubs clogged so there’s this pit. There’S this a threaded rod, you’re gonna unscrew and don’t lose it hold on to it.

There’S the other piece, and so here’s I’m gonna get some gloves on, but here’s the reason it’s clogged, so we’ve taken off the tub stopper and the drain should look like this as these crossbars in here and that’s where this hair is catching all on these Crossbars and building up and building up and then we’re going to take our pliers, a plastic bag.

We get rid of this hair, so there’s the problem: okay, okay! So now we’ve pulled all that nasty hair out, and this is what the drain looks like nice and clean. The next step is we’re going to pour some baking soda and vinegar to clear out the p-trap.

I think about two tablespoons will do and then we’re gonna take some vinegar, so here we’re just letting that baking, soda and vinegar reaction go through the peach, wrap and push all that gunk through your pipes to avoid hair building up on these crossbars, you can Go to drain funnel comm and pre-order your drain funnel and what it does is.

It bypasses these bars by funneling all the hair and water towards one quadrant of the drain. Just like that so to install. All I have to do is locate one of these back holes and then push the drain funnel in just so that it sits nice and snug in your drain and it fits all standard 1.

5 inch tub drains all right. So now. Here’S some hair, we’re gonna show you how to drain funnel works. [ Applause, ], and so you never have to take this out once you put it in your drain, it stays in your drain and it funnels all the hair down the funnel through this hole and you never have to catch it.

It’Ll go down your pipes through your p-trap and into the sewer, so you just set it and forget it and that’s it head over to drain funnel com2 pre-order yours today,

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