How to Get Purple Shampoo Stains Out of Shower

How to Get Purple Shampoo Stains Out of Shower

Installing a Delta, Frameless Pivoting Shower Door. This video is provided for convenience purposes only and should not be used solely for tub or shower door. Installation., Please refer to Delta, Shower Door printed instructions for complete details and to supplement the information provided in this video.

. If you are watching this video chances are, you have recently purchased a new frameless pivoting shower door from Delta. Our innovative program lets you, the shopper design, your door by making the glass door panel track assembly, kit and door handles available separately.

This video will help show you how to install the Delta frameless pivoting shower door for the purposes of this video we’ll be installing a 36-inch pivot door. Our 31-inch pivoting shower door installs in the same manner.

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your shower door, you’ll be happy to know that this is a relatively simple installation process. Please follow, along with our instructions that you can find in the glass door panel or track assembly kits the instructions are identical, so you only need to reference one copy to complete this project.

You’Ll need a power drill with 1/8 inch drill bit and 5/16 inch drill bit safety, goggles a hacksaw with 32 teeth per inch, a caulk gun with 100 %, silicone sealant phillips and flathead screwdrivers miter box a file, an 11/32 inch wrench and 7/16 inch wrench a 3 foot or longer level a measuring tape, masking tape, a wet/dry vacuum or just a regular vacuum.

Tin, snips and protective gloves be sure to check all packing material, as some parts and hardware are nested in styrofoam. Do not discard packaging until the installation is complete. Your package should include one door with one glass panel, the track assembly kit and two door knobs before you begin make sure the door opening is the appropriate size.

Note that the door pivot installs on the side opposite the shower head and the handle installs on the strike side check that the construction of the walls is within 3/8 inch or ten millimeters of plumb.

Make adjustments if needed, close or cover the tub drain. With a rag or tape to avoid loss of small parts check the fit of the strike wall jam by holding it up to the shower wall then check the fit of the pivot sidewall jam.

The wall jams must sit flat against the shower wall and bottom threshold. Ledge some shower stalls have a curved design along the wall edge. If your shower wall is curved, you may need to use a coin to mark and transfer the corner radius of the fixture to the bottom corner.

At the strike, sidewall jam for tiled wall installations make sure the wall jam sits flat against the shower wall and the bottom threshold ledge. The tile should meet the fixture at a 90 degree corner.

Remember to use a masonry drill bit when installing wall jams onto ceramic tile trim, grind or use a hacksaw and miter box to round the bottom corner of the wall jams file, any rough edges to remove burrs place the wall jam against the wall and center it On the bottom, ledge make sure the wall jam is plumb if needed, reshape the corner of the wall.

Jam you’ll want to temporarily tape the wall jams into position. Drill four 1/8 inch pilot holes into the wall through the wall jam. The pilot holes allow you to accurately drill larger holes for use with the wall anchors that follow be sure to remove any excess wall material from the hole remove the wall jams drill four 5/16 inch holes into the wall through the pilot holes now locate the wall Anchors push in the center of the wall anchor and squeeze clips together fully insert the wall anchors into the wall if needed, lightly.

Tap the anchor using a small hammer to ensure a flush fit against the wall. Surface align the wall jams over the wall anchors and attach with screws. Remember don’t over tighten the screws measure the distance inside the installed wall jams.

It is very important to measure correctly as an incorrect measurement may hinder proper door installation. It’S always a good idea to double check your measurements using a pencil or masking tape mark the opening measurement on the bottom track, double-check.

The measurement before cutting for protection always wear gloves and safety goggles when cutting metal using a miter box cut the bottom track with a fine-tooth hacksaw if needed, use a metal file to smooth the rough edges, clean metal shavings from the bottom track, with the vacuum attach The U-channel onto the center of the bottom track and secure it in place with tape, apply silicone sealant on the underside of the bottom track, then install the bottom track between the wall jams, remove the tape and slide the U-channel against the stop on the pivot.

Sidewall jam apply sealant where the pivot and strike jams meet the bottom track, wipe off any excess sealant position. The drilling template against the U-channel hold it in place and drill a hole in the bottom track measure the distance above the wall jams.

Again, it is very important to measure correctly to ensure proper door installation. It is also very important that you determine the correct orientation of the header. The grooved side of the header is the front and will face the outside of the shower.

The flat side of the header is the rear and will face the inside of the shower. A left, pivot shower door will pivot on one of these three holes. A right pivot, shower door will pivot on one of these three holes for left pivot door installations, measure and mark from the left edge for right pivot door installations, measure and mark from the right edge, use a pencil or masking tape to mark the measurement distance.

On the header, depending on which side your door will pivot, always double check your measurements before cutting for protection, always wear gloves and safety goggles when cutting metal using a miter box cut the header with the fine-toothed hacksaw if needed, use a metal file to smooth the Rough edges, clean metal shavings with a vacuum insert the pivot block into the header position.

The header onto the top of both jams install the spring catch onto the strike jam with two screws slide. The gasket into the strike jam trim the excess if it extends above the jam, insert the strike jam into the strike sidewall jam, making sure it is plumb insert three screws into the sidewall jam to secure in place apply silicone sealant in the groove in the header Channel, but only where the fixed panels insert into the header also apply sealant into the entire length of the U- channel, insert a bushing into the pivot hole that was drilled earlier in the bottom track.

Insert the fixed glass panel into the header and the U-channel slide, the fixed glass panel into and firmly against the pivot sidewall jam, Put a small amount of silicone sealant into the exposed, U-channel and insert the bumper plug.

The next step is to assemble the clamps, install the long bolt into the top clamp and secure with the washer and nut. The bottom clamp is assembled in the same manner, however, be sure to use the shorter bolt, as instructed insert clamp, shoe and seal into the top clamp and hand.

Tighten the three set screws, don’t tighten completely as the clamp will need to be placed over the edge of the glass later repeat this for the bottom. Clamp on the bottom track measure the distance from the base of the strike jam to the edge of the bushing use a pencil or masking tape to mark the measurement distance on the top and bottom of the glass panel measure from the edge with the drill holes Slide the top and bottom assembled clamps into the marked position on the glass panel tighten clamp set screws.

The screws should be tight, but take care not to over tighten install the bottom seal onto the bottom of the glass panel, so that it is flush against the clamp mark, the seal where it meets the edge of the glass and remove reduce the measured marked by Half an inch cut and reinstall.

This will allow the seal to clear the strike jam when closing place. The bolt on the bottom of the glass panel door into the bushing on the bottom track insert the bolt on the top of the glass panel door into the large hole in the pivot block.

Insert pivot block bolt into the hole in the top of the header and through the pivot block and nut below use a screwdriver and an 11/32 second inch wrench to secure a quarter. Inch drive socket can also be used in place of the wrench swing, the door back and forth to make sure it operates smoothly.

You may need to make minor adjustments to allow your door to swing smoothly, see your printed instructions for specific details to finish up the installation drill a 1/8 inch pilot hole on the inside of the header and install a screw on the strike side to secure use.

Silicone sealant to seal along the entire length of the wall, jams on the inside and outside and where the wall jams meet. The bottom track be sure to follow the sealant manufacturer’s instructions for safety and application check for proper cure time, as the sealant is required to dry before using the shower.

The last step is to install the door handles from the inside insert the outer shower handle in the threaded stud, with plastic washer through the pre-drilled hole in the glass panel door from outside the shower insert the inner shower handle with the plastic washers to the threaded Stud twist clockwise to tighten periodically check for screws that may become loose due to normal use and tighten as necessary, also check the instruction manual for care, cleaning and maintenance information.

I hope this video has proved helpful in your shower door. Installation on behalf of Delta, I’m Matt thanks for watching customersolutions @ or call 1-800-345-3358 http //deltashowerdoors.


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