How to Keep Shower Rod From Falling

How to Keep Shower Rod From Falling

[, Music, ], all right, hey everybody! Welcome to my channel in this video we’re going to be tackling the common household problem, the fallen shower rod. You know what i’m talking about this thing. Just randomly falls down.

Maybe it hits you on the head. So i’ll give you a couple of ideas on how we can fix this. This thing fell, and it’s been up for about four years or so so did a pretty good job, but for some reason the cocking that i had put on the end of it to act as an adhesive, just kind of failed.

If you are going to use caulking make sure it’s paintable, not the silicone stuff, you might have problems painting the wall later if you use silicone anyway, this rod looks like this and it kind of operates like this.

If you turn the top little dial, it will extend if you turn it counterclockwise, it will contract. So what we’re going to do first is make sure the area is really clean, whether you’re dealing with fresh kind of drywall or some damaged drywall.

From a previous attempt like i am here, we’re just going to want to clean that really well get a light layer of just regular soap and some water get all that grime and whatnot off of there before you put up any adhesive and we’re going to clean The ends of the shower curtain rod in this case i’ve got a lot of drywall like i said that came off and some old caulking paintable caulking that i had put up there to use as an adhesive before that had failed years later.

So i’m just going to get all that stuff off and i’m even going to take some sandpaper and kind of rough it up a little bit and i’ll be using some super glue to try to fix this now i’ll, put a link in the description below for The super glue that i like to use so check that out if you’re interested um it’s pretty common stuff, i think it’s like gorilla glue or something but check that out and uh.

We are going to be adhering that now i don’t really care if it damages the wall too much, because i can just you know, put some patch and paint now another idea for you. If you have a drywall anchor like this, you could possibly, if you’re, dealing with a hollow side of the hollow drywall, meaning there’s not a stud on the other end, take a little wooden dowel and make sure it fits nicely into that wall anchor and you can Actually tap in that wall anchor into the drywall and have that flush with the drywall and then take your little wooden dowel and have that kind of sticking in there halfway and then you could come over here to your curtain, rod and drill a hole, nice and Clean right through that, there’s a hole on the other side of it.

If you rewind the video, you can see, oh no, there’s a shot right there and the wooden dial would kind of fit right in there. Now that would be more of a kind of a permanent if you’re really fed up with this, and you don’t ever want this thing coming down again, of course, if you move or what not, you can easily loosen it up just like this and take it down Now, what i’m doing here is i’m very strongly i’m not going to be drilling into the drywall, i’m just going to be reapplying.

Some of that super glue, like i said, or applying that super glue, and i’m going to be i’m using all my strength to kind of, and i just showed you that technique there to to use you’re going to press on both ends as hard as you can.

When it’s loose and then you’ll tighten it up, go back and press rewind. If you wanted to see that kind of technique, one more time and then like i said, put that super glue on there and it should hold it nice and firmly before the super glue dries, make sure you level that make sure it’s nice and straight for you And that is pretty much it uh, so hopefully this video has helped you think about.

You know a couple of different ways. You could solve this very annoying problem and you’ll. Hopefully, never have to do this again with some really quality super glue or a little anchor dowel system thanks so much and for more videos like this be sure to subscribe.


You hear your kids scream, you go into their shower and realize that the shower curtain rod has come down, it’s no longer holding up there on the shower, so that there is a solution. What we did is we went up to lowe’s.

We picked up a set of inch and 3 8 closet rod holders we’re not going to attach them with screws which the manufacturer recommends in the closet. You use we’re going to attach them with scotch 30 pound.

Double sided. Mount tape, we’ll be right back tools. You need for this job are set of scissors, some sort of writing utensil that you can erase some sort of tape, measure and a lot of patience. We’Ve made our market two inches and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put that right there with a piece of double-sided scotch tape.

You’Ll want to remove the protective layer on the back of the tape before you apply. It all right told me, i’m supposed to say all this, because there’ll probably be people that won’t do that. You want to make sure you get high enough, but don’t go more than your two inches.

If that’s your measurement from the side making sure you remove the protective tape, that is on the back of the double-sided tape, when you put it up on the opposite side, make sure that the top opening of the holder is facing upward that when you put it There it will hold the rod that you’re sticking at it, so it will hold just fine just like that.

Okay, just fine at this time, we’re gonna have to check the fit. So what we’ll do is we’ll take it up, insert the shower rod into the solid in and then bring it over to the end. That has the hole and it sets it really good and it looks pretty well set shower rod.

Put up it’s not going to come down, it’s not going to fall down says it gives about a 30 pound, pull on that scotch tape. So it should be fine, and this will keep it from coming down on your kids when they’re in the shower.

Sometimes you’ll have to make an adjustment to the middle of the shower rod to make sure that it’ll fit in the holes and stay secure looks like it turned out really good. I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the master bathroom and we’re gonna put a set of these on the shower rod and master bathroom to keep these from coming down on.

Definitely on my wife, we’ll catch you next time.

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