If you have a toilet paper holder mounted on the wall or floor, you might be wondering how to remove it. In many cases, toilet paper holders are fixed in place with screws. If they are not, you can mount or install them outside of the bathroom. Some are powered by an extension cord, which can be removed and plugged back in.

How to remove toilet paper holder?

The first step in removing a toilet paper holder is to locate the screws holding it to the wall. You can remove them with a screwdriver or you can use your fingers. Next, you should remove the clips and springs near the base of the holder. You will also need an Allen wrench to remove the bolt. Be sure to remove the nut from the cap that covers the bolt. While the holder is off the wall, it may be a good idea to cover the area with a towel to prevent any water damage.

If your toilet paper holder is mounted over a stud, make sure to measure the distance between the screws and the stud. If the screws aren’t evenly spaced, you can use wall anchors to hold the unit in place. Lastly, use a soft-faced hammer to remove the recessed holder. Once you’re done, you can replace the holder with a new one.

How to remove a toilet paper holder from wall?

The first step in removing a toilet paper holder from the wall is to locate the screw or bolt that holds the holder in place. Most toilet paper holders are affixed to the wall by hidden screws. To locate the screw, remove the toilet paper and use an Allen wrench or small screwdriver to loosen it. Then, tilt the holder forward to remove it from the wall bracket.

The next step is to unscrew the screws or bolts that hold the toilet paper holder in place. You may need to pry out the screws with a claw hammer. If you can’t remove the screws, the best option is to cover the hole with a drywall joint compound.

How to remove toilet paper holders with no screws?

If you want to remove the toilet paper holder without screws, you can easily do so using a screwdriver and an Allen wrench. Most toilet paper holders are held on by screws that are installed on the inside of the wall, so you need a medium-sized Allen wrench to remove them. Simply insert the wrench into the slot where the screw is located and turn it clockwise until the entire set of screws is removed.

Next, you need to mark the positions of the screws on the wall where you want to install the new toilet paper holder. If you don’t know where these screws are, you can use a felt-tipped marker to mark the positions of the screws. Also, make sure that you use a slightly smaller drill bit than the screws that hold the brackets. Once you have marked these locations, you are ready to drill the holes.

How to replace toilet paper holders?

If your toilet paper holder is loose or cracked, you may need to replace it. A loose holder can fall out and become a safety hazard. There are a few steps you can follow to replace it and keep your bathroom safe. First, locate the screw or brackets that hold the holder to the drywall.

Next, measure the distance between the screw heads on the new holder and the old one. You should also make sure that the new holder is positioned over a stud. If necessary, you can also use wall anchors to secure it to the wall.

Install toilet paper holder

To install a toilet paper holder on your wall, you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. The toilet paper holder package usually includes a template with screwing points marked on it. Before you install it on your wall, you should use the template to mark the right location on the wall. Once you have marked the proper position, you can tighten the set screws and hang the toilet paper holder.

First, make sure that the wall is clean and free of loose wires. After ensuring that the surface is clean and dry, you can mount the holder using the appropriate tools.


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