If you want to learn how to remove a Delta bathroom faucet handle, this article is for you. You can also learn how to take out a single-handle kitchen faucet. If you have a double-handle faucet, you can read about how to fix it as well. There are also tips for repairing a two-handle Delta bath faucet without the set screw.

How to remove delta bathroom faucet handle?

If you want to change the handle of your Delta bathroom faucet, there are several ways to remove it. First, you must locate and remove the screws holding the decorative faucet cover. These screws are located in the center of the faucet handle. You can use a flathead screwdriver, Allen wrench, or Phillips head screwdriver to remove them. After that, you will need to remove the front of the faucet handle.

If the handle is stuck, try tapping it a couple of times to loosen it. If that doesn’t work, you can use a woodblock to gently hammer the handle until it comes off. A few hits should loosen it enough to slide it off.

How to remove a delta single handle kitchen faucet

A Delta single-handle kitchen faucet is the most basic model of the company’s faucet lineup. These faucets are sturdy and highly functional. Their installation and removal processes are straightforward. First, you need to shut off the water supply by unplugging the hot and cold water valves. Next, lift up the white plastic shield that covers the ball valve. You’ll then see the ball valve and handle assembly.

You should be able to see a screw or a rubber plug underneath the cap. If you can’t see this screw, use a flathead screwdriver to wedge underneath it. Alternatively, you may be able to use a basin wrench, which is long and easier to use in cramped spaces. WD40 can also be used to loosen the retaining nut.

Delta faucet handle removal: double-handle faucet

The process for removing the handle of a Delta faucet with a double handle is very similar to removing a single-handle faucet, and it is equally as easy. The first step involves unscrewing the small rubber plug located underneath the curve of the handle. Then, you can use an Allen wrench to remove the securing screw.

The process is not difficult, but it is time-consuming. Before you begin removing the Delta faucet handle, you should first shut off the water coming from the faucet. If you’re replacing a single-handle faucet, you should first unscrew the decorative cap counterclockwise. Once the cover is removed, use pliers to grip the handle and twist it counterclockwise before you pull it out.

Delta bath faucet repair two handle no set screw

If the handles on your Delta bath faucet are not turning, you can easily replace them with the appropriate tools. A 7/64-inch hex wrench will do the job, and an 11-piece SAE set of wrenches is also needed. Before you begin the process, be sure to carefully examine the handles to make sure that the handles are turned in the proper direction. If the handles are not turning, you may need to turn the handle nut counterclockwise with pliers.

To repair a Delta faucet, you can find the screws under the curve of the handle. Depending on the type of sink and model, you may need a 6-32, 8-32, or 10-24 x 3/8″ brass machine screw.

How do I replace my delta faucet parts?

To replace a faucet handle, first, remove the decorative cap attached to the faucet body. Then, unscrew the screws holding the handle in place. The handle is usually screwed into the faucet body with a flathead screwdriver. You can also use pliers to remove the retaining nuts from the stem. Then, you can lift the handle off of the faucet body.

Depending on the type of Delta faucet you have, you may have to replace both the cartridge and the O-rings. If your faucet is leaking from the base of the handle, you may need to replace the cartridge as well. When purchasing new parts, it is important to bring the model name or number of the faucet. This will allow you to get the correct size and shape of the O-ring. The O-rings typically cost between $10 and $15 USD each.



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