How to Remove Shower Drain Trap

How to Remove Shower Drain Trap

[, Music ] all right, so I have the whole all squared up we’re ready to go. I have the surround with the two by sixes. What I’m going to do now is take this sawzall and I’m gonna cut that ABS right right behind there and then we’re gonna come back and I’m gonna find out the center of this.

I have a new pipe here, we’ll stick that new one on there and I’ll show you how to figure out where to Center this and how to get all that part in and put in this piece of wood cut the hole all the good stuff that you Need to know, okay, I’ve cut off the old P trap and I’m going to put an extension on there with this medium black ABS cement, and once once I get that on there it’s gonna go on.

You know something like that. I have to find the middle of my shower or pan, which I already know it’s 48 across and 32 wide. I have marks here that I’ve made the other marks right about yes, somewhere in there, where the pan goes out to you.

That’S 32 inches from the back, like I said it’s 48 across so 16 and 24 are the exact middle. So what I’m gonna want to do now is attach this on there and then take this p-trap and cut a piece that will make it so that part right.

There is right at my 24 and 16 if you follow that right dead center. So hopefully that makes sense so right now, I’m just going to put the black stuff on there we’re gonna, let it dry for a second and then we’ll measuring here together.

I’M also live on twitch at the moment, even though this is recorded. So that’s what that camera is over there. It’S my twitch and I’ll, put a link to that in the in the description. Mostly, I duck calls on twitch, so I’m going to just twist the song that helps the juice get everywhere and get a good seed, and it really doesn’t take long for that tooth to be on there nice.

I can already tell it’s not very squared. I might just have this huge level: it’s gonna play it by here without having my finger attached to it. Okay, so now we got ta find our our Center. This level I have just happens to be a four-foot level, which is actually really nice for a lot of things when you’re doing construction to have something – that’s already four feet all the time.

So, since I know that’s 48 inches across, we know that right there I got a dot 24 that Center. So basically, I already said I figured out my shower. Pan is gonna be 32 inches. I need a Stanley fat Max and we actually want to make sure that not only the center part is at 16 right in the center.

We want to make sure these end parts are that’s dead-on, okay, that is so now. We know right there that dot in the center is our 16 inches and 24 inches, just like it says, on there 24, it’s a dead center of my shoulder, pin what I want to happen now, which is for this to attach right dead center underneath that so I got ta cut a pipe that fits there to make that like that, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that one-handed or on camera, or any of that, so it’s gonna take some dry fitting.

So what I’m gonna do is I’ll. Do some dry fitting and I’ll get this before I put the cement on and then I’ll talk about how I got the measurements and we’ll continue from there. All right went pretty easy.

The insides here are three quarters of an inch each, so I gave it I added an inch which would give me a quarter inch play actually a little more than an inch like an inch and an eighth that give me just over.

I’M sorry a half inch play on both sides. Then I just centered it right underneath the 24 and it’s all just drive fit in there right now. So now I’m going to get the cement. I’M gonna put that all in and you’re wondering what about the drain.

What about the drain? Well, the next thing we do is I fill this hole and then we’ll go to our same spot again, the 24 and 16 and we’ll cut a hole right there and we’ll put the drain in and the pipe that goes down inside using the same idea, giving It just a little more slack because we have three quarters of an inch play in there and and it’ll go in real nice and it’ll be exact centered.

It was really easy, so I ended up having like a two inch gap right there. I think, and so I just cut it like three and a quarter, so that’s how I did that all right. I have the whole new P trap and drain in, except for the actual drain itself.

It’S a little bit pliable. I don’t know how good of an angle you really get on that, but it’s right there, 16 by 24. So next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to cover up this hole and we’re gonna mark that spot right in the center 16 by 24, and then I’m going to take the new drain and I’ll show you [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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