How to Remove Shower Pan

How to Remove Shower Pan

Hey this is Nathan, rich again from house fairness calm today we’re going to show you how to replace a shower pan, as you can see we’re in the midst of bathroom renovation here and we’ll show you, though, the whole entirety of it.

We’Ve already demoed the walls, and the next thing is we’re going to take the shower pan out and replace it. We are removing this shower pan because we wanted to do everything new. We bought this house as a bank-owned, REO property and there’s lots of problems with the entire house, and we talked about whether or not we should keep this pan.

But I think in the long run you want to have something that you know is good. So we’re going to take this out start fresh and it’ll be good for another 20 or 30 years. The drywall or your cement board is going to rest on the shower pan on this side of it, and so that’s already been removed.

You can see we had mold issues from a sump pit on the other side that we just had recently replaced, and so that’s remnants of a problem there. So if you ever see that you know you got with some water issues which we’ve already addressed, but anyway we we want to take the shower pan out, and so the first thing is to get rid of the the sheetrock or the cement board.

That rests on the shower pan. The last thing that’s holding the shower pan from being removed is, is this right here? This ring there’s basically a rubber gasket between the drain pipe and your drain.

This this, this is just a rubber rubber ring, and so there’s a pretty tight seal here, we’re just going to drill out that rubber ring and then that should give us all the room. We need to remove the shower pan.

Also, you can see the shower pan if we’ve removed these ready had nail like clips that clipped the shower pan to the stud and those have been removed as well. But this is the fun thing we have to do so, let’s go ahead and do this I’m going to try to drill this out without hurting the pipe at least not hurting the pipe too bad and then we’ll be ready to remove it.

[ Applause, ] I’ll get up bloody & Fire’s because the rubber it’s still pretty flexible, so it wasn’t drilling well, we get it started by pulling pulling on it. Alright, so I wanted to cut the gasket here with a blade kind of just trying to freeze it up.

I’M sure it’s there’s a there’s, probably some lip. That’S anchored into all right. Take a look down there. That’S what you’re left with is just a shower pan that slides over this pipe and then had that that rubber gasket as the seal between it all so, I’m hoping that’s going to be all we need now to get this thing up.

The reason we’re trying to get this up in one piece is because by glass I believe and cutting fibroblasts is dangerous. It’S not good to breathe that good for your eyes so better to get it in one piece.

So that’s that’s the goal all right! Well, it looks like it’s pretty dry under here, which is a good thing, but I guess you never know till you pull it up all right. One thing down see: there’s no water bed to help support this.

So maybe it was resting on these, but when we walked on it you can feel it give just a little bit and that’s yeah. We want a tile. We want a tile floor. That’S that wouldn’t work for this all right. So that’s how you remove a shower pan.

All that’s left down here is this plumbing piece, and this will be the you know, we’ll attach our new drain to this next we’re gonna put in the custom water bed to fit this fit this area and with our new drain and we’ll be good to Go, I hope that helps with your bathroom shower pan removal renovation.

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