How to Remove Water Stains and Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors

How to Remove Water Stains and Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors

Welcome back to Andrea Jean cleaning today, I’m going to show you how to clean your shower door to help remove soap, scum, all the water buildup, it’s gonna look brand spankin new when we are done here first, let me dive into the things that I’m going To be using, we are going to be using all natural products which I love.

I am 36 weeks pregnant here as I film this so I’ll dive into the products and then we’re gonna. Take a look at my shower door. Your shower door may look better. It may look worse with this method that I show you absolutely works, and it is pretty efficient using things that you probably have laying around your house all ready.

This channel is all about cleaning and organizing for busy women. I try to find the quickest most efficient ways to help you keep your house clean and organized you can get on to bigger and better things than scrubbing grout for 8 hours a day.

In fact, I have a ton of grout videos. I have found the best method, in my opinion, I’ll have that playlist linked in the description box below so here’s what we have you do not need all of these things that I’m going to show you here to clean your shower door, but they are helpful.

So, first and foremost, we have some cleaning vinegar about this from the Dollar Tree. I like this because it is more acidic than regular vinegar. You don’t need this, but I like this, I got our lemon.

I’M gonna add a little extra power here to my shower door because of the acidity the acidity in the lemon is gonna help us here and you don’t need to use the lemon, but I’m gonna use it and then some good old baking soda.

I got an old sponge here, it’s probably time to retire this bed, but we’re gonna use it. Today I got a squeegee. This is not something that you need but does help, and here is my piece now, there’s no science to how much baking, soda and vinegar that you need together.

Mine is a bit more soupy than I would like, but that’s, okay, we’re gonna work with it. Here the combination of the vinegar and the baking soda produces carbon dioxide gas, which helps break up all that scum.

I got some cleaning gloves here. I got a bucket of water here. I’Ll show you what this is going to be for in a little while my shower does not have a detachable hose, which I wish someday, but right now, I’m going to work with what I have.

That would be nice to help clean all this up. Once we put the pace down and then this little contraption, oh boy, ladies and gentlemen, this is a lifesaver right here. I love this. It expands. I believe it is linked in my description box below it’s from Clorox.

You can remove this. You can attach stuff to it, but this is gonna save your back and, if you’re with child that definitely helps okay. So this is what we’re gonna do. Let’S take a peek at the shower.

I also print out friends on Instagram. It show you hit me up and region coat. I teach women how to turn their passions into profits, and this cleaning channel is one way that I do that see how this build up right here.

Look at that! Yes, we’re gonna make this be going simple and easy. Let me open this side. I want to show you comparison. This store is actually broken, it doesn’t slide, but you can see there is not as much buildup on this shower door has compared to this shorter.

Look at all of that, this camera is picking it up really nicely we’re. Also gonna be cleaning the entire shower in here. It’S very disgusting you might not be able to see we have company coming so I figured now is a great time to film this video, okay, alright, first and foremost, I’m gonna take my lemon here.

I’M gonna do a 1 shower door. The bad one here just to show you and I’m going to use this lemon and rub it all along here, nice and juicy. This gives it a little extra boost power and who doesn’t love the smell of lemon, especially if you’re, not a big fan of vinegar.

The nice thing about vinegar, though, is it? Does the smell does dissipate fairly quickly, in my opinion, so you get that we’re gonna get in there. Now I’ve done this when my shower has been worse. I’Ve done this when my shower has been better.

How often do i honestly clean my shower? This is a downstairs one. So not very often to be honest with you, my bathtub upstairs. I do clean using this method pretty frequently because I bathe in it and my kids do we’re down here late, all that yuck.

You can probably time this right now and see how long this actually takes get the sides here there we go is smelling nice and lemony in here perfect, so we got that working now. The next thing I’m gonna do with my toss.

This I’m gonna put my gloves on and we’re gonna get moving on the paste. Okay got my paste here now, I’m doing this one-handed so bear with me cuz. I got the camera in the other hand, and I want to scoop up some of that.

Nice paste right there and again we’re gonna do the same thing that we did with the lemon I like to go in a circular motion like so get it on there lather that baby up yeah, alright halfway down with that, let’s get a little bit more.

I like to be pretty generous with this boom. There we go okay, squish dude. This is pretty quick, especially if you’ve done this several times. Let’S get in there there. We go almost done here, folks, a good paste.

Again, it’s a little more soupy than I would like, but that’s, okay, it’s still gonna work. The product, the baking soda and vinegar, is still gonna make that chemical reaction together, which is why it’s so nice to clean and you can a clogged toilet sinks.

Just this combination as well: okay, so we get the whole shower door now, depending on pond the grime on your shower and the build-up that you have is going to be good and upon how long you let this sit now, I’m gonna.

Let mine sit. I don’t want to be here all day waiting for my shower because who’s got time for that, so we’re gonna. Let this sit about 15 minutes and while that’s sitting, I’m actually going to paste up the rest of the inside of this shower here and then we’re gonna move on to the next step and I’ll show you exactly how nice it looks at the end.

Okay, so I used pretty much all of that paste up and let me show you the inside of the shower here. It is sitting on there. I don’t know if the cameras gonna pick it up, but it literally took me about five minutes just to scrub down this whole shower doing the circular motions with the baking soda and the vinegar.

So I’m gonna give it about five more minutes and then we’re gonna I’m going to show you the really good transformation here on this door. Okay, so it’s been about ten minutes or so so there’s a couple ways that you can do this.

If you have a detachable sprayer, you could just spray the shower door and then take your little squeegee here and then wipe like this to make it very very nice. I don’t have that so and again bear with me I’m doing this one-handed.

I have my rig. Just a warm bucket of water, we’re just gonna and a wipe it in circular motions like so I buff that paste get it fully saturated. It already is looking so much better and then I’ll just show you the top cap here.

So you can get a full idea now take my squeegee again. You don’t need this, but I just like it. You can get these at the dollar tree [, Music, ]! Look at that! Look at looking shiny, again: [, Music, ], nice! Let’S get this one! Look at that again, this works with any sort of door that you have nice and shiny, perfect and again, if you find that you still have a ton of soaps left leave the product on there a bit longer.

So I wanted to show you once I got it all, wiped down and dried up. Do you see water spots? The soap scum non-existent, yes, very, very, very shiny and this camera is really good at picking up all kinds of good stuff.

So if you try this method, let me know how it works for you what your thoughts were, if you have any tips and tricks that made it more efficient for you, especially if you’re someone that doesn’t have a detachable spray nozzle like that, but this super impressed With love it easy, I can’t even smell the vinegar, easy, easy can’t say enough, good things about this method.

So the next thing I’m going to do I’ll, show you here how I plan to clean the rest of the shower okay. So what I’m gonna do here just dip this in here. This is why I like this and then we’re just going to use it to wipe off as much of the product as I can again.

This is nice because it’s just baking soda, I’m gonna get. In fact, I came and smell the vinegar at this point, so I’m doing this one-handed. So this is what I’m gonna do for the entire shower to rinse off the product.

Just dipping it here. My bucket of water and then, when I’m all done I’ll, probably take a clean towel, just a cleaning towel that I use old kitchen towels and wipe everything. So that is all that you need to do to use all-natural products to clean your shower door, to clean your entire shower and from start to finish, this probably takes about 30 minutes or so, but again it’s going to depend upon how much build-up you have in Your shower to begin with, but if you do this, you know once a month for 30 minutes that should be pretty sufficient.

So if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button. If you are new, so you do not miss any week old, weekly, uploads, all things, cleaning and organizing, and I cannot wait to touch base with you more on Instagram.

Thank you so much for being here, and I will see you my friend in the next one

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