Where to Put Shelves in Shower

Where to Put Shelves in Shower

Hello, dear friends, hope you doing fine and in this video I wan na show you something that I came across. While I was remodeling this property for rent. I designed this particular shower/tub combination with one fairly large shelf, but after we found out that three women, two little girls, the mother and one more coming, were using this particular shower.

We, you know, we end up having NASA Marshall Space for all the bottles of shampoos and all that all you know, beauty care that they have over here right, so um. You know that was my question. What should I do, and I came across with this – a type, a shelving system that is really practical now my situation with shelving that is, you know after you build it? The shower is that I don’t like perforating the walls.

I don’t like that, and I don’t like to use things that will rust, because it’s just annoying to have something that it’s gonna, be there forever and then you see you’ve rusted and this one is perfect.

Actually, they come with a really cool offered and and in the box and I’m gonna leave it obviously in the description box. So you can, you know, just just find it and you can buy every one is fairly unexpensive and and it’s a fairly simple way of assembling and we’re gonna go over that part right now.

This tube, all that you see here, are the main supports of the chute two shelves that you’re gonna find, and he have actually two hooks those you can actually see on those you can put those it just covers, or whatever you have.

The instructions will come with two ways of its stalling it, the first one which I don’t well actually, the second one that I don’t like is the perforation, but the first one is actually using this amazing heavy-duty strong sticking hoops that will just kind of stick on Your surface and they will be there for a long time, so it’s really cool, because not only that they, instead of you, know, send you sending you fall of them this.

They sent six. So the world really generals about the situation right. The same thing with the hardware, the harbor, instead of being like the amount of the you know, the exact amount they sent some more just in case.

If you miss one piece, you know so so it’s really good to be able to work with something that you know that if you have to make a correction or you miss a little piece, you can actually put it back together.

Really quick. So that’s it. I mean this is this is something that there is an amazing product, and I want to show you the way it is so this particular marker over here will fade with a little bit of time.

So whenever you use it I mean, although it is fairly light, it will actually fail it around. So the shelves are nice and round on the front and they actually have perforations. So no water will stay there, because that’s one of the issues that I have with some other type of Sheldon right and it has two holes on the side to be able to be connected with the bars to the other shelves.

They are symmetrical. So you you shouldn’t, be worried about. You know if you’re gonna have one on top one on the bottom, and you know so they look really nice they’re, really neat they’re made out of aluminum, so we’re not gonna have the rust situation and the hardware actually comes.

You know one you’re gonna have your regular anchors. You know that we’re not gonna use in this case, but one and something practical and easy to install, and then it comes with the screws and little little nuts and screws that you’re gonna be able to tied or fastened with a little key.

You know that’s only the only thing that you need, you don’t even need a screwdriver. I just put my finger behind it and the little key on the front and then that’s it. That’S all it is any. You know, because it comes with like a contour same type of design, this this screws will be flat on the back of the of the shelving.

So you know you shouldn’t be worried and, besides that the hooks are actually kind of you know place, so you can actually hang something. So it’s fairly easy to understand how this thing will be put together now.

The only thing that didn’t do in the beginning is is to fasten it really tight, because I wanted to make sure that was nice and and straight, and you know once I found out that that was straight, I put a finger behind it and I just went Ahead and tie those things with the little key right so the now the nuts are nice and finish, and they you know they are nice and round on the front.

So you won’t be scratching your finger, so you, the ones, will scratch their fingers whatever you know. So it’s really good, really stable. Now to the surface, what we’re gonna put it! You know I normally clean these.

These tiles really well, but sometimes you have the little haze on and you want to make sure that you remove any type of dust. If you already have a house – or so you don’t want to have grease, you don’t want to have nothing that is already on the surface.

You want to clean it really well with a multi-purpose, cleaner and then go ahead and start a line in your shell. In this case, I’m putting the shelf I’d like an eye height because few things, if you want to put something a little more careful that you don’t want your babies to play with like razor, blades and stuff like that.

That is awesome. The other thing is that if you need to shave as a man, you know so you will be able to shave and, to you know, just kind of brush your teeth and put your your the electric toothbrush there.

So it’s really convenient, and now by using the lines of the porcelain tile, I can actually figure out where I’m gonna put my my hooks now, I’m just just as a precaution. What I’m doing is that I just measuring that and just placing the same measurement over so you can actually, you know, have the same distance.

You want to make sure that it’s nice and straight so, if you’re not able to kind of find how old level it is just by looking at the tile, you may use a small little level to understand what is nice and straight right so that those are The only complications but other than that I mean that’s it.

You know you’re barely able to see the the the patch that you’re gonna put there right and just like, when you put a film over your phone like a screen protector, you want to make sure that you take all the little bubbles out.

So I start on the bottom and start pushing and then you know pushing all the little air bubbles out and you know, and obviously the manufacturers asked you to the manufacturer asks you to wait for about 24 hours between you put a lot of weight on it Because, obviously they will you know at some point.

They just give away view. You know, put a lot of weight on it right so anyway, let’s let’s go ahead and install it. Let’S put it over there because see, it will kind of you know, get nice and snug on just and those hooks that are there and after that, you, you know you can go ahead and use it.

Let’S say: that’s all you need. How practical is that you know I normally have to use a lot of drills and drill bits and all the stuff and that’s it. This is as practical as you can imagine right. So um let’s go ahead and do a little a little test and see you know how many things you can put there right.

So you wan na go ahead and install it over there. You wan na clean the walls. You can clean them now and all that and just you know, have fun with it. So, by putting a little bit of weight, you can actually find out that you can put a lot of things inside and this is all in this video right.

So I hope this video will help you and I’m gonna leave it on the description box, all right bye-bye, if you made it all the way to the end of this video now you see in this clip is because I deserve this little hand like that.

Right and besides that that you will subscribe to my channel, so you can learn more things: how to save a ton of money and how to learn stuff that you may never thought that you will be able to learn I’ll see you soon.

All right so we’re going to put in a shelf here for ladies or even man if they wanted that, yes to put their leg in shave, so I’m going to do! Is I’m gonna put it right in the center of these tiles I’ll put a little tape here.

I know that’s just rough, I’m gonna measure it make sure it Center. Now you can do a level line. You don’t have to put a pitch on it. Unless you want to, but I always do a level line, because the shelf the weight is in the front, it tends to sink down in front a little bit just a decent amount of pitch for water runoff.

Next thing you want to do. This is a nine inch shelf I like to mark 8 and 3/4. Just so I don’t cut past that mark and we’re going to want an anchor in the front and in the back, so I just kind of marked Center, where I want to plunge into the wall.

So the FT is an angle. Grinder is the continuous, where the diamond blade made for cutting tie off ceramic tile, floors and stuff like that, I’m just going to hold it level start at my Center mark and plunge into the wall.

I’M going to do that on all four spots where we need an anchor and plate. So here we go all right, so we got all the channels cut next. What I’d like to do is before we glue the anchors I like to just stick them to the wall, make sure they go in half light and, as you can see, that’s half way in check all your cuts.

They all look put and there you can peel your tape, get your adhesive. If you want you to sometimes dampen the anchors. I know that this is like guerrilla blue, so it’s a polyurethane glue which expands trust me on this.

You do not have to use a whole lot, like literally, you can see that just a tiny bit since this glue expands. If you use too much it’s going to push out the edges of the Shelf and you’re going to have a lot of cleanup to do and I’m just doing the half that goes in the wall first and then, when we’re ready to install the shelf.

We’Ll put the glue in the channel of the shelf, so I’m going to go ahead and finish this off and I’ll come back to you when we’re ready for the shelving all right. So I got all the anchor plates in the wall.

Next, we’re going to shelf you see the channel, that’s cut in the back of the shelf. I personally like to do the entire channel, but you probably could just go where the anchor plates are going to go, but I think it’s stronger if you did a whole channel this once the glue expands, it expands the entire cut that was made in the Shelf.

Again, you don’t have to use a whole lot here. I put a little in I kind of let it drip back into the depth of the channel. You see already something here wants to drip out. You just take a rag, save the excess off line it up.

The anchor place – that’s it now. Sometimes the Shelf itself will feel a little loose and trust me once all the glue expands and dries up. That’S going to go away, so you don’t want to make sure that it’s tight to the back of the wall.

If your wall is out of square, you can kind of just split the difference. You know this one’s a square just by a little bit, something’s gonna split the difference a little and that’s it. You can see it’s already really strong and once everything dries up, we use like a crap or a grout call to finish the edges.

Another thing I like to do, while the glue is drying, use a painter stake and stay about 1/16 of an inch away from the Shelf itself. That way, if any glue expands, it will expand into a pond painters tape button to do that.

All the way around and it had better clean up a little bit easier. The kit comes with a single edge razor, so I usually let the glue dry for about three hours. Anything that experience out. I just cut it and scrape it off once it’s dry comes off pretty easily, so that’s it I’ll come back to you and we’re ready to move forward all right.

So I just want a quick show you what I did here. I just put blue tape. All the way around that way, when the glue kind of foams up and comes out the edges here, it just makes the cleanup a little easier.

I also want a jobsite. There was a gallon of paint I put on there just to kind of put a little weight on it as it dries like. I said, the Shelf naturally pitches for would have run off as long as you do everything level.

I can show you that too later with a level, so there you go all right so today we’re going to test the weight for the co shelf. First, I’m gonna weigh myself to thirty one. There we go and you see that’s just the shelf system.

The way it’s regularly anchored there’s nothing underneath the Shelf 231 pounds

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