How to Blow up Mattress Without Pump

How to Blow up Mattress Without Pump

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to inflate an in-text air mattress without a pump. Well, I’m going to be doing this with a hairdryer. That’S right! I’M going to be using this hairdryer to fill up this air mattress and I’m going to show you have to do it now.

The first thing you have to do, which is very important, is to make sure the hairdryer is set to cold. Never ever use a hairdryer to fill up an air mattress when you have hot hair coming out of the hairdryer you’re going to damage the valve, and you can damage the air mattress as well.

So never do that so make sure it’s set to cold. Now this particular hairdryer to set this to cold as you’re blowing the air out. You have to hold this down when you hold this down. It turns the air to cold.

That’S coming out of the hairdryer okay. So let’s get started now. This mattress is totally deflated. Now, here’s a bell so what I’m gonna be doing is I’m going to be removing not just the cap, I’m going to be taking the whole piece out, so I can get some above itself.

This piece has to come out. I’M going to be positioning the hairdryer right over the valve itself, so it’s gonna be right here ball to insert the hairdryer in like so and then I’m gonna turn it on now before I do that, of course, I’m going to be holding this down To make sure that the air is cold, so I’m going to turn the hairdryer on too high earlier waiting put this in and now what I’m gonna be doing.

Is it still needs a lot of air I actually wash on there as I open it, I’m gonna make sure that the valve is tight. Okay, now with the valve tight, the next thing I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be removing the cap.

I’M going to turn the hairdryer back on [, Music ] and there you go as you can see, the mattress is inflated, so there you go how to inflate and Intex a mattress without a pump. So I hope you found this video useful.

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Today, I’m going to show you a simple way to blow up your air bed. If you haven’t, got a pump and it doesn’t leave you out of breath start by laying your air bed up flat and open up the valve. This one has a one-way valve, so you can leave it open.

While you inflate it next take a bin bag and fill it full of air. Then you need to create a small opening in the top like this put it over the nozzle on the air bed and squeeze out all of the air from the bag and into the bed, keep repeating the process.

Then you’ll soon see it starting to inflate. You should see a difference every time you squeeze a bag in pretty cool huh and if you can find a bigger bag, you’ll inflator, even faster when you’re done close the valve and there we have our fully inflated air bed, pretty cool huh.

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