How to Clean Pack and Play Mattress Step by Step

How to Clean Pack and Play Mattress Step by Step

[, Music, ], [, Music, ], all right guys. So i have my soap. I’M gonna go ahead and pour that in okay, i’m going to pour that in and now i’m going to go ahead and take the borax and i’m gonna just sprinkle it in there alright guys.

So i’m going to fully immerse the pack and play into the bathtub, and then i’m gonna go ahead and drape this, since this is a bit heavier, i’m gonna drink over the packing plate. I’Ll, probably so, apparently this one comes with panels and you can take the panels out.

I didn’t realize that before i totally put it in there, but at least those will dry. So this is great. This unzips, you can pull those out, some of them don’t and that’s, okay. You can go ahead and immerse them um, but this one it does so it makes it easier and i’m going to drape that over that, just like that, you guys so as you can see the water’s super clear and you know just play with it.

You can move it around and whatnot um, if typically with the ones that are unzippable, this works great to drape over it because it’s heavier, so it kind of keeps everything immersed in the water. But since this one was a pull out, i was able to unzip it and pull it out.

I’Ll, probably move this to the bottom, since this was the dirtiest um, so that it gets a lot of that cleaning. A lot of the cleaning agents and, as you can see, the water is already that quickly, starting to turn colors so like i said this is a really simple way to clean a pack and play you know say: one has been given to you or you bought One from a second-hand store, um, but you’re not exactly sure how to clean it, and you know that wiping it down isn’t going to give you that full clean effect that you want.

This is great and i honestly recommend using this method for bigger items such as strollers. I even did this with a high chair. Unfortunately, i didn’t record that video, but i did do this with a high chair um and it worked great.

It worked wonders. It was able to get all of the old excess food off of it in the cracks and crevices and um clean clean it great. So this is awesome and so just kind of continue to do this and i do recommend getting a brush.

I’M going to let this soak for a little bit um before i actually start scrubbing but yeah. This is how you do it. This is only like five minutes into soaking and the water is like completely brown and yellow you guys so gross.

But honestly, this is the best way to clean it. It’S gonna become like this is the snapback you guys it’s gonna, be so clean, i’m so excited to show you what this looks like afterwards, because i just trust this method.

So much and i um – i just know how great this is going to be once it’s finished. Okay, so i’m going to go ahead and let this soak for about 30 minutes um i’ll, come back and show you what the water is.

Looking like in 30 minutes. All right, okay, so it’s been well over 30 minutes, probably like 45 minutes to an hour, i’m gonna show you guys the water is so yellow. Look at that the water is legit yellow the pack-and-play is looking clean.

Let’S see what this looks like wow. Those stains have come out, and so i didn’t realize that means that we were able to take that um. The inserts out this is, i mean essentially this could go into the washing machine.

So if you wanted to, you know, get it even cleaner, you could put it in the washing machine, run it but yeah. I can’t believe how clean this looks compared to what it was. It’S crazy, how clean it is i’ll, probably throw that in the washing machine.

Um and i’m going to flip this because it’s been soaking on this side for a while now and i want it to soak on this side all right, yeah so, like i said, i’m gonna let those soak for a little bit longer.

I’M gonna run through this run this one through the wash to see if i can get the um additional stains out, but yeah we’ll be back, hey guys, so i actually left for a few hours um and in the meantime i let this soak.

I figured like the longer it has to soak like the best, but i mean you don’t have to let it soak as long but um yeah, i’m pretty astonished at the results. Do you guys see like this? Doesn’T even do justice, but the water looks so yellow and murky.

It looks pink yeah. It looks like pink, it does. So. What i’m going to do now is i’m going to unplug the bathtub and start spraying it off. [ Music ], like straight up pink yeah. So now i’m just wringing this out because i’m actually going to stick this into the washing machine to see um well, since i’m able to clean it, but i’m glad that i had it soak for as long as that it did so.

I’M wringing this out. I love this thing that you were looking at in the very beginning. Um are gone, but i’m gonna put this in the washer just so that it gets that extra deep, clean. So now i’m just going to go ahead and run really hot water over this and try to open it up as much as i can.

But it’s really hard, as you can imagine, but i’m gonna clean this side like this um and then i’m gonna flip it around, but i’m essentially letting this hot water run through now that i’ve drained it out so that it can get kind of that Nasty water that was um that nasty water residue that was left over, but this soap was great, the soap cleaned it and then the borax was a great um detergent to eliminate odors and it has several other benefits to it, but it deodorizes it and cleans it Really well definitely definitely recommend this method.

Okay, i’m gonna turn it around now uh, getting all the corners, i’m just making sure i’m getting the whole thing drenched as a whole. So i can and i’ll let this like kind of drip in here for a little bit so that it kind of dries off before i actually open it up and um place it i’m going to be placing it on some towels and having it kind of dry Air dry here in the bathroom, or maybe at a different area, with more room, probably the kitchen, but i’m essentially rinsing this with boiling hot water as much as i can to kind of rinse.

All of that through this is gonna drip dry for a little bit and then i’m gonna end up opening it up and letting it kind of dry a bit better once it’s kind of drip dried most of that out, um all right.

In the meantime, i’m going to go ahead and take this piece and go stick that in the washer i’ll be right back. Okay, you guys i’m back, and i just got this in the washing machine. So let’s go ahead and attach that attach these – and i have this other piece and pan so much anyways.

Okay! So now i’m gonna add my favorite additive, [, Music, ] and stubble bowls, which is the best. So i’m gonna go ahead and add that in there all done and then i’m gonna go ahead and start this load, i’m going to do so.

First, i guess so. I’M going to do heavy duty, i’m going to do it on hot heavy and choose open cycles. Start i’m excited to show you guys the finished product until then all right guys. So i have if this is um the next morning i, since it’s cold weather outside and it’s not summer, i’m not able to let the pack and play dry outside.

So i laid some towels down in my kitchen and put it in here so that it could dry um, but as you can see it’s nice and clean, i took all the components apart and washed them that is all nice and clean.

Now i took the wood piece: the wood sloths out um. I washed that in the bathtub, as well as in the washer, and i put the wood slots back in and assembled it back together. I had taken this top off as well as this and washed it, and it’s looking super nice and clean and ready for use.

So that is how you do that super simple and easy thanks for watching bye,

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