How to Clean Pack and Play Mattress

How to Clean Pack and Play Mattress

So today i’m gonna try to watch this squickle pack and play uh. This is given to us by a friend and well, because his kids are much older, so it doesn’t need anymore, but uh. We still want to try it out and it’s very dirty.

So today we’re going to try to de-clean it and we’ll watch quite a bit of video on how to clean this thing, especially this thing, the mattress, because the mattress, apparently you cannot take it apart to wash the cloth part, they do have plaque woods well.

This is like a cardboard inside, so it’s completely sealed up and what we end up doing is to cut the seams to take out the blackboards here. Ours come in four plaques, so there’s like four pieces here now.

Some people have one only one plaque for ours has like a cardboard condom material. Some people has plastic. If you have plastic, then yes, you probably do not need to take it off, because it’s much easier to clean and so on and so forth.

But for this kind of cardboard, hard cardboard, you do need to take it out. Otherwise, if you soak this into solution, it will just ruin this entire thing. Now, okay, a couple of things before we get started, uh just fyi.

If you have anything in here, it’s best off you vacuum this beforehand, so you take out as much as the bigger chunks as you can before. You start soaking this in solutions. Now, what i’m gonna show you today is uh we’re gonna soak into the bathtub and then we’re gonna show you another way to wash.

This is with the garden hose, don’t forget, to hit the like button and subscribe okay, so the cleaning solution i’m gonna use. I got this ingredient from well, using just the detergent itself is not gonna work uh.

You need to have detergent and if you have oxiclean that would be even better and then vinegar and baking soda. So the ratio is a quarter cup of the detergent, a quarter cup of the vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, and you mix this.

You know and before you pour it into the bathtub, so i already pour in the quarter cup here and then now, i’m just gonna dump in the vinegar. Oh, it’s fairly thick. So anyway, this is the solution. I’M gonna go use.

Okay, so i have put the matches on the bottom and then put the baby pen on the top, so they weigh it down, so the mattress won’t go anywhere and you have to use the hottest water that you can get all of your faucet.

And then you have to pour in the solution and you need to have enough water to make sure this entire thing is submerged and then, after that, just have to wait for about an hour and come back and check on this thing.

Well, uh. I think i’m every now and then i’m gonna come down here and then kind of stir the water a little bit. You know. Sometimes the thing will not come out until you kind of agitate. Okay. So after an hour uh the water look pretty muddy.

Now we’re just going to take it to outside and hose it down all right just for comparison. This is what the water looks like uh, i’m not sure if you can see, but it is very dirty all right. So look at all this dirt.

That’S been left over after the water is drained so yeah. You really need to soak it in order to clean this plate, okay, so, according to the instruction after you have soaked it for an hour, you need to rinse it down with cold water.

Now, in our shower the bathroom uh, the shower head cannot be removed, so it is not one of those we have a hose, so we had to come out here to use the garden hose to hose it down. Now, for those of you, don’t have a bathtub.

This can be an alternative to clean this plate. So what you do is same. You have to use the detergent, so i have a brush here: uh same ingredient for the solution, just dip it into the solution and start scrubbing the entire thing down.

Now, obviously, you want to hold it down with water first before you do the scrubbing now, since salary is soaking for an hour, but i’m still going to scrub it down with the brush and the hose to just give a little bit more detail.

Okay, so for the mattress, even though we took out the cardboard make sure that you don’t put into the washing machine to wash it, otherwise it might lose the shape, but for the majority of the surface dirtiness they were all gone so yeah.

The soaking part really works so now, i’m just kind of gonna lengthen down a little bit more since we soaked it in for over an hour. You just want to make sure that majority or most of the laundry detergent is out, because the baby will be sitting in the playpen with this mattress, so yeah just rain it a few more times clean the cardboard uh.

Well, obviously, you don’t want to rinse it. I have here is 25 vinegar with water, so you just wipe it down with the towel and let it air dry as well. Okay. So after all this being done just let it air dry, it’s best to start doing this in the early morning and let the sun does its thing and i’ll come back later to see how they are all right.

So this is bone dry now, uh. We left it outside for half a day and under the sun, so everything is dry and it’s really really clean. Now, for the mattress we uh at the end, we would decide just take out the phone just because it’s so much easier to dry it and we also wipe down the cardboard as well.

So now, i’m gonna show you how we’re gonna put it back, and my wife later is actually gonna. Show you how to sew this back up again using a very nifty tool that she just got all right. So, as i was attempting to record uh, i lost the footage.

It didn’t really record. So i didn’t even know that, but anyway i put the phone in uh. It was a little bit struggle, but yeah you just have to kind of keep pushing it. Uh be a little be patient and it won’t go in now as far as for the boards.

There are four of them. They are kind of a cut out point to hold all four panels. They do have slots for the boards inside the mattress, so yeah. That’S how you put back the foam and the board uh then now my wife is just going to sew up the top portion and then the mattress will be good as new, hey guys.

So to close this mat, what i end up doing is that i hand stitch with regular needle and thread, and this is one option just to keep the foam and the tablet secure or the panel secure. So what i end up doing is i secure at the four locations actually three locations, so one two and three, and so once i secure it with the thread needle, i just sew it all the way through until the end and some people may choose to secure It with a sewing machine, but because i’m not a professional seam dress, so i have here a hand sewing machine, and this is super inexpensive.

I found it in amazon for about 10 bucks, so i’m gonna try to see if i could secure this with this handheld sewing machine. So i’m going to start off from the middle [ Applause ]. Sorry. I ran the sewing machine all the way through the edges, and now i could just use this one to do it all over again.

So let me try it so. I’M gonna start off again from the middle. The tricky part is in the corners. Those are the hardest to do all right so now that side is done, i’m going to finish this side. Okay, so i think now it’s done all right.

So here’s the finished product – it’s not perfect, but it did the job of securing this little flap. My trick is to sew it with the regular needle and thread before going through the sewing machine, because the flap is very flimsy, so i just did.

I just saw it in very small parts and then run the sewing machine through it and that’s how i did it. Okay, here is a before video and now the after, as you can see, it’s super clean and also, i think my wife did a really good job on sewing back the mattress to prevent future spill and dirty up the mattress further we bought a cover.

This is from bellow band i’ll, put the link in the description below so yeah. The kid is awake right now, uh, you just cover it up, so it’s just as simple as to cover it up and it’s perfect fit as well.

All right! Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, comment down below i’ll try to answer as soon as possible and uh so yeah. This is how we clean this and come down real good um until next time, bye,

Okay, i am about to clean this pack and play because we’ve had it for three years and it hasn’t been clean and you can’t just like take off um. The covers, like everything is attached. So i heard about this bathtub cleaning method and i’m gonna try to do this.

So i got my laundry detergent. I have a cup of laundry detergent and then also baking soda, i’m supposed to put like a fourth cup, and i think i’m gonna do like a half cup and i’m gonna fill up this bathtub with hot water.

Like super hot water. I cannot wait to clean this because it is so filthy. It’S so disgusting, like you, can see right here how disgusting for like a couple hours, so i’m just gonna start pouring the description in like it’s nice and sturdy, and now i’m going to pour the baking soda in okay.

So this looks pretty good. It’S halfway. Full now, let’s put in this disgusting plate and then you get this kind of stick it like inside okay. So this is the way i pretty much. Have it right now um this top mattress at least it’s kind of weighted, so it kind of pushes the pack and play down, so it doesn’t float a little bit um because it was kind of like floating a little bit to the top.

At least it’s weighing it down, so it stays towards the bottom and everything is getting soaked. So i’m just going to leave in here for um an hour and then check back with it. Maybe rinse it out and maybe do this process again if needed um.

If not, then i could just like from what i’ve read. I could take it out and then just have it dry underneath the sun, and that would be it. But let’s see how much disgusting this comes out just by leaving it in this water, so i moved the mattress pad.

So it’s pretty much soaking in more, and i am so disgusted of how dirty this water is – and this is only just soaking it for 30 minutes 30 minutes, and this water is gray. This is so nasty you guys so disgusting of how dirty this pack and play was, and just to remove more of the dirt.

That’S on the pack of play. I have this brush that i use for cleaning, and i am just going to brush the crap out of this pack, and so more of the stir will just come off of it. [ Applause ] – and i think i’m just going to let this soak for like another hour and then rinse it out and then let it dry outside okay.

So it’s been over an hour, and this is how disgusting the water is right now, and i am so embarrassed that i haven’t cleaned this in like three years and it came to this so now, i’m gonna drain this dirty water rinse it off, and then I’M gonna leave it outside.

I just gave it. I just actually just gave it one more good scrub before draining the water, but it does look a lot cleaner. So we got a chain and now look at that. So i have the mattress pad hanging over our gate right now, and this is like the best way that i think this should dry, because it should be dripping out the water, all the excess water that got trapped in here.

I recommend just squeezing out the water yourself too, as much as possible just to help the process along, but look how clean this is you guys it’s very clean on both sides? I’M really impressed with the wash okay.

So i think that the bathtub wash actually did a great job. You guys like. I don’t see brown anywhere. It looks really good. It looks super clean. I totally recommend doing that now. I’M gonna go get the mattress and have that sun dry, but it looks really good.

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