How to Cut Foam Mattress

How to Cut Foam Mattress

I woke up this morning thinking that I was gonna   make a different video than  what you’re about to see. I had it all scripted out – all ready to go – but when I was reading it over this  morning, I just wasn’t inspired by it, and so I asked myself, “what  do I really want to do today?” The answer was simple: I want  to cut my mattress in half.

Yes, you did hear that correctly. Yes, this is exactly the sort of weird  spontaneous thing that makes me excited and makes my friends and family shake  their heads and say, “you’re crazy,” but it was exactly the thing I wanted to do.

So I set about figuring out how  I might accomplish such a feat. I have one of those big thick foam mattresses,  and it’s only a couple of years old. It’s a queen size, so it’s too  big to fit into my new space, but it’s still in such great shape,   and I didn’t want to have to go to  the trouble of finding in a new owner or recycling it and then having to go out and buy a new smaller mattress which  I might not like as much.

So I did what any savvy internet dweller would  do: I went to YouTube to find a solution. Jackpot! Then I went to the store to buy  a ridiculous electric knife. Jackpot! When I got home, I set up  my camera and started at it.

Here is that process. I honestly didn’t mean for this video  to have any big lesson or insight. I just really wanted to know what  the inside of a mattress looks like. But it did help me to remember to trust my gut.

Even if something has already  planned out and ready for you,   that doesn’t necessarily mean you  need to follow through with it if you’re unhappy or uninspired or bored by it. Once in a while, you’ve got to embrace the  spontaneity and figure it out along the way.

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Hey how you doing this afternoon, i thought i’d make this quick video on cutting down a foam mattress um, because i saw a lot of questions about it on the diy and the teardrop and vintage trailer whatever it is, so we purchased this mattress on amazon.

We’Ve slept on it one night or two nights, i guess um out and about, and it’s two inches too wide. Okay, i thought there’s no big deal uh, we’ll just squeeze it in and that did work in our teardrop, except for i didn’t think about where the door is it created a a tight spot and the door went closed tight, so we’re going to cut down.

This is 58 inches wide, we’re going to cut it down to 56 inches and i’ve already done two of them and you can see the extra foam, don’t know what i’ll do with it, but it’s there and how we did it. So these have a nice little zipper that come like helps.

It come off. I’M gonna pull this guy out and then inside there is another liner that you don’t want to really cut through, so with the saw blade. So i’m just going to take my utility knife cut this guy open, i’m just cutting it along the seam.

Now, when you put this back together, you can sew this back up with a sewing machine or you can just frankly leave it and then put the other zipper cover off. It’S your choice. So there’s our foam mattress now i said it was 58 inches.

We’Re going to cut it down to 56 inches our space inside the teardrop is 56 and a half to the door. So i thought just a little bit of extra room to get the sheets and blankets down in i’ve already set my square up for a two inch cut off.

I’Ve got my trusty sharpie, which i’ve gone through a lot of these and mark two. Don’T push against the foam or you’ll? Have it off? I mark two and then the other thing i did so that i have a nice straight line is on the end.

I mark the two on both ends and i just connect the lines pull this out. So you don’t accidentally cut through your nice cover that they’ve provided with you, and then i just connect the dots with a straight edge.

It could be any kind of straight edge, a scrap of wood. I just happen to like this t-square. I’Ve had it for probably good golly 20 years now we’re off two inches we’re good. How do i cut it? You go to goodwill, you pay 3.

99 like i did and you’ve got your saw. I go slow. I don’t try to get it all in one time. [, Music, ], [, Music, ] and voila we’re done. I zip it back up, i put it in there and we fit perfect. We sleep comfortable and we’ve got everything we need.

I hope that helps

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