How to Inflate an Air Mattress With Garbage Bag

How to Inflate an Air Mattress With Garbage Bag

What’S up, everybody Welcome back to my laboratory Where the safety is number one priority. Today we gonna fill up air mattress with the garbage bag. Let’S check this out, I got to fill up this big air mattress.

I do not have a air pump for this. What we can do is grab a garbage bag and get to the corner and cut it of a piece like that BOOM You see without air pump. It will take me 30 minutes and it will probably pass out Out of breath Blowing up mattress with my mouth.

So we gonna hold like this. You can even now you can open. If you want to Also actually we will need a rubber band Grab, it like that, Put it Make sure you open it, Put it over the nozzle, And then we gonna put a rubber band on it.

What we going to do is just throw like this couple time And then close it And then put all the air inside of the bag. Let’S try this again. You know what This bag may be little bit too bigger to add it.

So actually, I’m gonna to get a smaller garbage bag. Okay, once again, I got here hole on the side of the bag. Then I’m gonna get pretty adorable rubber band And put it over the hole like this. Then I’m gonna get the bag and a rubber band And put it right on top of this nozzle, That’s it We going to close it a little bit And just blowing it.

You see how much air with blew with one blow, because We not even blowing it like this. It will take you very long, BUT You see, let me get all the air out, But if you kinda close the entrance a little bit And just blown it from far away, Let see what happens.

Look Two breaths Full garbage bag of air, And now we can just use our body To transable all the air into the A air mattress. If you don’t wan na breath it through it’s okay., You can just catch the air And push it in Catch.

The air And push it in You see how much air we already fill up. You know with just the mouth. It will take me forever to fill it up. You know what it works with the small bag. Let me try to do this with the big bag.

Again and probably will be lot faster with the big bag You know with the bigger bag. You can just throw like this without even blow it And then just push it all the air in That’s lot of air. Look at this, The full garbage bag of air Wow.

Look at this, how much air all at once And with the bigger bag. You don’t even have to blown All. I have to do just go like this. Keep some air Close the end And then push some air inside of the air mattress.

This IS AWESOME. This is the best way Open it again. Catch air Wow. That’S like the most air Wow. I can see air mattress blowing out so fast, 0_0. Okay, few more of this bag, and it’s done Look at that.

You don’t wan na blow air too fast, because the rubber band will pop out. I love this trick or life hack. Whatever you want to call it, You know what There’s plenty of times where I had air mattress and I did not have any pump or my batteries have died for the pump.

, So definitely going to be using this next time. Awesome

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