How to Locate and Fix a Hole in the Air Mattress

How to Locate and Fix a Hole in the Air Mattress

Welcome back YouTube today we’re looking at an inflatable air mattress. It has a built-in pump, but it has a slow leak so about one time maybe twice during the night. I have to wake up and turn the pump back on to pump it back up.

So I’m going to show you a quick way to find out where the hole is in an air, mattress or other inflatable device. So all you need to do this is a spray bottle mix with dish. Soap. Any kind of soap will work, really something that bubbles really well diluted with water and then you’re going to take your spray bottle and you spray it over your air mattress and wherever the hole is you’ll, see it bubble up, and you can see right here that We have a small hole when I spray again you’ll see the bubbles come out.

If I lean on the air mattress, we have located our hole, and now we need to patch it most most air mattresses come with a patch, so we will get our patch kit out and put it over the hole and then what you do is you’ll spray.

An area around the patch to make sure it’s sealed good, all right! If you don’t have a patch, then I’m going to try this trick using superglue, so just put a dab of superglue on it. Then I’m going to put trusty ol duct tape over that to hold it in place because the air is going to try to blow the superglue out of the way.

So the duct tape is really holding the superglue in place until it can dry and just providing another protective measure. My sister and brother-in-law are going to sleep on this air mattress tonight, so I will know for sure whether the superglue and duct tape hold or not.

So the bed was a success. It’S been inflated for 24 hours now, and it still has most of its air in it. Previously I’d have to pump it up at least once during the night, with sleeping on it. If you found this video helpful, give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel for more videos related to home repairs and lawn maintenance.

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What’S up youtubers johnnydiy here today, i’m gonna be showing you guys how to patch and fix a leak or hole in your airbed mattress. If you guys are new to my channel. Do me a favor click, the subscribe and the notification bell, so you can get all my new videos all right, let’s get to it, okay, so we want the bed fully pumped up at this point and we’re gonna go around and we’re gonna look and We’Re gonna feel and we’re gonna listen for any sounds of air escaping.

Sometimes you can just hear it now. If you can’t find it that way, go ahead and fill up a spray bottle with some warm soapy water, like dawn dish, detergent or laundry soap. We’Re gonna spray any area we suspect the leak may be and we’re gonna go to the area where the pump is also and any other inlet and outlet that may be on the bed and you’re going to spray it with the soapy water and look For bubbles, i suggest lifting up the air bed and, starting with the bottom, that’s most likely where your leaks are going to be from punctures from something on the floor in the carpet.

Now, if you look closely, you can see a little tiny mark right there and when we spray the soapy water on it, look it’s making bubbles. So we know the leaks right there. It was on the bottom, just as i suspected.

So if your leak is really small, go ahead and mark it with a pen or a piece of tape, so you know where it is and then we’re gonna go ahead and deflate the bed all the way. Okay, here’s our hole right here, you’re gonna wan na dry off any of that soap and water, and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna clean that area really well with some rubbing alcohol, that’s gonna get rid of any residue any grease Or any of that leftover soap, so that our patch is gonna stick really well now.

This is the kind of glue we’re gonna be using today this is called rubber cement. This is the same type of glue. You’Re gonna find in a bicycle patch repair kit i’ll go ahead and put some links down in the description to this glue and probably a patch kit for you guys, then i have a small piece of bicycle inner tube and i’ve cut it over size.

Now sometimes the bed will even come with these patches. This is from another bed. I have so go ahead and check the box. If you still have that see, if you have any of these patches, okay, so we’re just gonna brush that rubber cement on the area, you only need a thin little film of it but brush bigger than the size of the patch and then we’re gonna Brush the patch, as well with the same glue and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna let these dry for about five or ten minutes until they become really tacky.

It’S been about 10 minutes. Now i’m going to go ahead and place the patch carefully over the hole and we’re going to press the patch down firmly making sure to press those edges down as well and then i’ll go ahead and put a piece of saran wrap over that and then a Flat book and then i’m gonna put a weight on top of it.

If you don’t have any weights, what you can do is just fill up a bucket or a pot of water and put that on top we’re gonna go ahead and leave this. For about an hour or two would be good. Okay, it’s been drying for about an hour and a half.

Now, let’s go ahead and pump the bed up all the way. Okay, now we can take our same soapy water and we’re gonna spray, the whole patch and we’re gonna look for any bubbles around the edges of that patch.

All right, no bubbles. Well, it worked for a minute, but then the patch came up, so we’re gonna have to try something else. All right. Take two: i’ve got a new fresh patch kit, with new glue and patches first thing.

I’Ll. Do that i forgot to do last time is we’re going to take some sandpaper or you can use this metal lid to scuff up the area? This is going to help the patch adhere better, so you just want to scuff up a little wider than the size of your patch.

Do it in a cross pattern so one way and then the opposite way, just gonna take the shine off of that plastic. All right, then, we’re gonna go ahead and clean that area really good with our alcohol to get off any of that residue that we just sanded off.

Okay, we’ll take our fresh new cement and we can go ahead and puncture it with the top of the cap. You just flip it upside down, see if this glue is any better, because i think the other glue was defective yeah.

This is a little thicker. The other one was um too thin, spread it around we’ll go ahead and leave this a few minutes to get tacky just until the shine goes away. Yeah waited about 15 minutes or so now we’re gonna take the patch and peel it off the sticker side.

Careful not to touch the sticker part, get it centered over our patch. Now we’re gonna press down nice and firm all the way around the edges. Oh, this one looks like it’s gonna stick good press down on it for a minute, saran wrap on it, and i got a stick and i got 20 pounds of weight all right.

It’S been a couple hours, i’m not gonna test it with the water. This time, i’m just gonna pump it up someone’s gonna sleep on it overnight, so we’ll get the review in the morning and see if it got soggy or not.

Okay. Well, it looked like the patch held up fine. This time my cousin just got done. Sleeping on it for a whole entire week, so that’s the end of this video guys. Hopefully you found this video helpful.

If you did, please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to the channel, subscribe and click the notification bell, so you can get all my new videos thanks for watching johnny diy, keep on doing yourself guys take care.

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