What Is the Easiest Way to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

What Is the Easiest Way to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

All right, it’s a quick tip today. It’S all a lot of videos on YouTube, saying how to repair a hole in a mattress, but not a lot on how to find them figured I’d. Do a quick one. I don’t really make a lot of videos like this.

So but I figured this was really important to share, as you can see, I’ve already soaked the mattress. A lot did a lot of trial and error, and I found the best way to find the hole with soapy water. I’Ve seen people say to set them at the air mattress up on the side by the way, this is a self-inflating mattress.

I’Ve seen people fill it with water and sit on it and the water squirts out the hole some people say, set it on its side and put your ear real close to it and go back and forth over every surface of the air mattress until you find It what’s your lips and put your lips up to it and you’ll feel the cold air blowing out onto your lips.

I’Ve heard a lot of different tactics, but honestly the soapy water is work best for me and I’ll show you how it works. So the top of the mattress right here looks about the same as the bottom, except it has this, like, I don’t know, fletchie material on it, which is okay, so the one thing I would recommend doing, because you probably have something hiding in your carpet.

Let’S say you have carpet it’s gonna puncture, the bottom before it’s gonna puncture, the top, so I’d recommend trying this on the bottom before you move to the top, but my whole just so happens to be on the top and I’ll show you how I Found it I filled up a water bottle full of water from about 70 % water, and I did two squirts of like hand, soap just enough to get it that that nice so beat.

You see the suds there, the nice so biee, the nice OB mixture. I guess so what I did was and and the first the first thing you’re gonna want to check. Is these seams right here? Okay, so I thought about.

Probably the leak was sprung somewhere on the side where weather, where the glue meets up where, where it’s attached, but I found that a lot of holes that I found online that they were patching, were found in this in this crease kind of area right here.

So that’s where I started looking first, I started on the on the bottom. First moved to the top and sure enough. That’S on the hole so soapy water sprayed it along and yeah, and you can do kind of a wide angle.

I do kind of a very extreme type of type of angle here and I’m really going in and I’m making sure every bit of it. You want to get it nice and wet make sure every bit of the surface is covered, make sure every bit is covered here, get it in there and and you’re gonna see a little bit of bubbles.

That’S just the soap, but when you see the hole it’s gonna, be it’s gonna, be a parent. It’S gonna be very noticeable. You’Ll know it as soon as you see it. Look at that right there all right. It’S so obvious! You you won’t miss it, it’s it’s the easiest way to find any hole you if you’re sitting on the matches, trying to push out a little bit more air watch out I’ll, sit on it and show you what I mean if you’re sitting on it.

Thinking that it’s gonna make it more apparent, look you can even hear it right there. Okay, it’s gonna squirt back at you, see that if you’re sitting on it with all the extra air pressure, it’s gonna squirt back at you all right.

Look at that its so op. You see a little bit of these bubbles right here, a little bit don’t get distracted by that look for the big ones. You’Re gonna see it it’s gonna be very noticeable. So that’s the quickest and easiest way I found to find a hole in an air mattress.

Hi everyone dan here just want to give you a little tip on how to find a hole in your air mattress and fix it up fairly good. I found this trick, though, probably when i was in british columbia, camping driving across canada, and i had this gray air mattress that had this small hole in it, and i mean i did everything you could think of – i mean putting it in water.

I went to a river filled it up, but couldn’t find this hole so anyway, one day i had this bright idea. I would do it opposite and simply what you do is you pour in water inside your mattress? I don’t know about a liter or so pour in a little liter or two liters, whatever you think, you’ll get used to pour that in add a little bit of this soap.

It wasn’t very much just soap in there and now we’re going to fill that up and we’re going to find that hole, there’s a little hole in this air mattress. So it’s a great time to make this video anyway, we’re going to fill this up with air and we’re going to uh.

Show you the uh, where the hole is stay tuned at the end of the video for an emergency pump idea, just another little trick. I’D like to show you is, i tape around the ends, so it leaves the center only where the air can go in and what that does is when you’re topping it off in that little spot here, fills that only that spot and creates more pressure.

So that’s another little trick that helps you fill it up and get good. You know filler up tight because uh when you first fill it. You know you lose a little bit of that percent of air and uh. This will help her keep her up full.

Just the way you like it so another little good idea, as you can see there, but anyway yeah we’re just going to fill that up and i’ll show you where the hole is. Oh, so there it is folks. I just flipped that around you can see that little hole looks the bubbles coming out of it, so there it is right there.

You can see that anyway, i’m just going to show you again when you flip the water there you go, you see where the bubbles see where the bubbles is so now simply let the air out mark your whole. What i always do is i’ll take water and get all the soap away from it or rinse it off a little bit of water.

That’S soapy! Out of there. Let’S see, the salt will come back when you let the air out, because all the silky water is down there. You dry off that you dry off that little spot and you get your hole and i always use air stop uh to uh to fix it.

Air! Stop works really really good and use that for years it’s a little harder to get. I got ta get it online now, but anyway, we’ll fix that up and found our hole in no time. I leave the water and soap in it.

There’S no water in there. I just leave it in it, but you can drain it out too, depends on where your mattress is because a couple of times i went to go to sleep, and i heard it bubbling. You know the soap would be in it and you could hear it kind of hissing when it comes out the hole.

So you knew you got yourself a hole so anyway. That is a neat trick great. When you find that little tiny hole you know you can you can find it no problem at all. So oh yeah, i wanted to tell you a little trick too uh.

One time i went camping and didn’t. I forget the pump and there’s no way. I was sleeping in the car. There was too many bugs the whole half the window down and believe it or not. I used the exhaust from the car filled it up.

As far as i could, with the exhaust, my son kind of read the car a little bit and filled her up and topped it off with a few air breaths and yeah, it was a. It was uh boys. It came in handy when we were way back in the woods in the middle of nowhere, so a neat little trick too.

So that’s it hope. You guys uh have yourself a great day and see in the near future and bye for now.

[ Applause, ], [, Music, ] hi, welcome to this markzware fusion, tutorials video, this one, i’m going to show you how to find a hole in a mattress. This has been an absolute pain. This one has gone down every night that it’s been used filled with air.

Like you normally would sprayed water all over it got it wet, listen to it with water. On and listening to it often you can pick up a hole, all good tested this, absolutely nothing couldn’t find anything at all.

So we went for the extreme. We’Ve got another video about this about putting water in. It’S got a big valve um here, so we filled it, we’ll not filled it. You can see it’s all floppy and wet, but filled it with water, and then we worked on it checked it all over.

Couldn’T find any leaks, it was still damp on the top, because um we’d sprayed it and we’ve actually got a spa here. We put it in the spa, dipped it to try and get the stream of bubbles, nothing nothing.

We could do to find this. So what we did filled it with water and now it’s the next morning, when it’s dried out a little bit. You see it’s a little bit damp down there, but here i’ve just had it folded over i’ve been chasing this so folding it over and tapping it with my hand to make the water try and come out somewhere and when i folded it back.

There were matching holes here and here so i got my towel and i just dried them right off and this one dried off and stayed dry and this one has stayed wet and let’s see if we can focus up on that, you can see right in the Middle of it there is the tiniest of tiniest of holes just never ever gonna find that with any other method other than putting water in you know, people are going to carry on.

Oh it’d, be a mould garden. It just doesn’t happen. I’Ve done this. A couple of times – and you dry it out – it’s not that hard, particularly if you’ve got a big valve hole like this, and this you just drain the water out and then just let it dry and it’s absolutely fine, you think about it.

These are designed and blown up by mouth and that’s going to put moisture and it’s going to put spit and so forth in there. So a bit of water out of the tap is not going to hurt anything at all, so brilliant method.

This has saved this thing from going into the bin. We’Ve got ourselves a little patch to patch up there and then she’ll be all good. I will keep working on this i’ll. Let it dry fully out and then keep on looking to make sure there’s not any others.

But this is a difference between this mattress going in the bin and being useless and a simple, simple patch i’ll put a link up here to how to patch a velveteen. Mattress you cannot patch this wet. Of course you’ve got to let it dry so just put four little dots there.

So i know exactly where the hole is in the middle, so we can patch it in the right place, but that is how you find a lick, and if it was on the other side, then it’s just a matter of looking for a wet patch.

Once it’s dry, you’ve got to put it down on some something dry and then, as you just find a little bit of a wet patch and you will find your hole.

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